Mini Dental Implants Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Dental Group offers mini dental implants to provide complete stability to your denture all day long. Santa Rosa implant dentist Dr. Field will place two or four narrow dental implants in the front of your jaw. Your denture will then snap on to these mini dental implants and remain secure throughout the day. At night you can unsnap your denture for cleaning, and then snap it securely back onto the mini dental implants the next morning to start your day. Mini dental implants can be placed in one day at our Santa Rosa dental office, so you can enjoy strong and slip-free dentures after a single visit.

At your initial consultation, Santa Rosa implant dentist Dr. Field will conduct a thorough oral health examination to determine whether mini dental implants will best address your unique needs and goals.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Often completed in a single office visit
Provides an effective method to secure dentures in place
Little pain or discomfort experienced
Natural chewing restored
Durable, long-lasting, natural looking results
Safe, minimally invasive technique
Affordable solution to replace missing teeth

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implant are much narrower than traditional dental implants, sometimes half the diameter. Consequently, mini dental implants require less bone, and the surgery is less extensive compared to larger traditional dental implants. The healing time is also much faster, especially when placed Santa Rosa implant dentist Dr. Field. Because mini dental implants are thin, they cannot be placed when the bone is too thin, or on patients who heavily grind their teeth.

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